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Glossary of general Types.


type isBaseOptions = {
  chainId: number;


type OnchainKitConfig = {
  address: Address | null; // Address is optional as we may not have an address for new users
  apiKey: string | null; // ApiKey for Coinbase Developer Platform APIs
  rpcUrl: string | null; // RPC URL for onchain requests. Defaults to using CDP Node if the API Key is set
  chain: Chain; // Chain must be provided as we need to know which chain to use
  schemaId: EASSchemaUid | null; // SchemaId is optional as not all apps need to use EAS


type OnchainKitContextType = OnchainKitConfig;


type OnchainKitProviderReact = {
  address?: Address;
  apiKey?: string;
  chain: Chain;
  children: ReactNode;
  rpcUrl?: string;
  schemaId?: EASSchemaUid;