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OnchainKit Contribution Guide

Welcome to OnchainKit! So you want to contribute to this project? You came to the right place.

In this guide, you will learn how to:


Clone this repo

git clone

Install node + yarn

Use nvm, mise, n or whatever works for you. Once node is installed, run this to enable yarn:

corepack enable

Install dependencies

cd onchainkit
yarn install


Here is a rough layout of this codebase:

├── src
│   ├── core/                     - Files with zero dependencies
│   ├── token/                    - Token
│   │   ├── components/           - React components
│   │     ├── {Name}.tsx
│   │     ├── {Name}.test.tsx
│   │     └── {Name}.css
│   │   ├── core/                 - Utility functions
│   │   ├── index.ts              - Entrypoint for the folder
│   │   └── types.ts              - Export types
│   │  
│   ├── index.ts                  - Typescript entrypoint
│   ├── index.css                 - CSS entrypoint
│   └── OnchainKitProvider.tsx    - OnchainKit provider
└── site/
    ├── sidebar.ts                - Controls sidebar for the doc site
    └── docs/pages/**/*.mdx       - Documentation location



Write and update existing unit tests. You can watch file changes and rerun tests automatically like this:

yarn test --watch

We expect 100% code coverage for any updates. You can get coverage information with:

yarn test:coverage

If the coverage drops below 100%, look at the coverage report generated by the above command with:

open coverage/lcov-report/index.html

Testing UI with hotreload

We use this doc site to test UI changes.

Navigate to the markdown used for the given file you are updating (i.e. site/docs/pages/identity/avatar.mdx) and change the import using relative import path like this:

import { Avatar } from '../../../../src/identity';

To bring up the doc site, run:

cd site
yarn install
yarn dev
# In a browser, navigate to http://localhost:5173

Your changes should automatically reflect in the doc site

Updating changelog

To update the change log, run:

yarn changeset

Select minor and use the following format for the summary:

- **feat**: feature update information. By @your-github-id #XX (XX is the PR number)

Use possible values are:

  • feat
  • fix
  • docs
  • chore

Feature request

Have a component in mind that we are not supporting yet? You can submit a feature request to our Github. Create a "New issue" and label it "Feature Request: ..."